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Data is the new Oil / Gold. It is the macro force that drives the digital economy. Business Intelligence (BI) is the power that propels growth. Traditional tools fail to see the bigger picture and are unable to deal with the data deluge that has become the norm. Symptoms of BI systems out of lock-step with current needs are many: declining returns, falling user adoption, data rich but information poor systems, siloed systems that are hard to reconcile, reporting platforms that are challenging to support, and manual decision support processes. Next gen business intelligence systems regulate the flow of data and empower organizations to gain a competitive edge in the present while enabling them to build a future-proof and future-ready digital business.

Technology Roadmap

Assessment Assessment provides you with the tools to take your BI systems to the next level. By equipping you with checklists, templates, evaluation criteria, ROI routines, phase-wise targets, and detailed methodology, you obtain a robust framework to manage costs and optimize ROI. Thereby setting the levers for increased business value and driving the next phase of growth.
Solution Validation First comes evaluation and data quality assessment followed by selection of the right BI tools, technologies, and solution frameworks. Building a solid business case for the problem at hand comes next. Development of a robust solution strategy ensures that all priorities are addressed and goals are met. Through regular workshops and ongoing process improvement, solution longevity is ensured.

Deployment At Scale A proven methodology utilizes reusable components as well as a flexible data model to pull in information from your various data sources to generate a variety of rich
reports and analytics. An iterative development approach makes extensive use of
prototyping in order to translate user requirements into a solution that is closely aligned
with your expectations.

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Digital Next BI Services will provide access to BI technology professionals who will leverage their experience and expertise to harness BI technologies and unlock data to gain valuable insight. Our BI technology services include:
Custom Dashboards Developing tailored dashboard solutions that are scalable and intuitive for executing data driven enterprise decisions in real-time.
Embedded Intelligence Building multi-tenant BI, self service analytics, and digital transformation ready application and data integration solutions.
BI Applications Analyzing and creating advanced BI applications that are high performance driven for data integration pipelines.
Big Data Analytics Creating end to end solutions for augmenting big data analytics, infrastructure development, and solution deployment.
Cognitive Analytics Implementing advanced customer analytics that powers predictive analytics platforms and recommendations.
Data Warehouse Modernization Modernizing data warehouses and enabling scalable clouds for real time analytics capabilities.

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