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DigitalNext has enabled some of largest global leaders to innovate faster via a customer centric model that underpins personalized customer journeys and 360-degree views of customers. We will drive your Salesforce digital transformation with the most exciting cloud computing technology in the world.

Our Salesforce solutions and our unique approach to their implementation will ensure a pathbreaking transformation for your organization.

Your Transformation Journey

Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) At The Fore: At the core of digital transformation lies the SMAC stack. Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud are what power the digital enterprise today. Today, Salesforce and SMAC are inseparable. A 100% cloud based platform, Salesforce seamlessly integrates mobile technologies into business processes. By adding the Internet of Things (IoT) it brings together the physical and virtual worlds to power the transformation. By connecting the social media presence, Salesforce brings the organization closer to its customers. As an AI/analytical powerhouse, Salesforce delivers the rich actionable insights that power decision making.
Bringing employees together: Without employees, there is no transformation. Transformation means new or altered processes and workflows that employees will need to buy into and enthusiastically participate in. As an intuitive and user-friendly platform, Salesforce automates difficult, complex, and repetitive tasks. Salesforce enhances the quality of life of employees and makes their work more meaningful. From Sales to Service to Marketing and more, Salesforce brings new and exciting technologies that employees embrace and enjoy. With Salesforce Trailhead, the learning journey goes hand in hand.
Stepping up collaboration: Raising the level of internal and external collaboration is intrinsic to transformation. Salesforce provides a single enterprise-class platform to make collaboration happen. Content to execute processes is always just a click away, on tap. By unifying people, processes, and content based on a single view of the enterprise and a single source of truth, collaboration becomes natural and happens smoothly all the time. Organizational efficiency gets a huge boost.
Automation as the engine to power the journey: By automating processes across functions and departments, Salesforce accelerates the enterprise. Process triggers automatically drive appropriate actions be it sales or service or marketing or other. Workflows run continuously and constantly and keep the enterprise always humming. Human errors and reaction times are eliminated. Indeed, human intervention in the process becomes an exception not the rule. Overall, organizational speed rises to an entirely new level.

Powered by DigitalNext

DigitalNext services keep your Salesforce digital transformation on track.

Our end-to-end expertise extends across: Consulting > Implementation > Customization > Integration > Support.
Covers the entire Salesforce stack: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce/Community Cloud, Salesforce Platform.
Custom App Development:
Building unique solutions using the Salesforce Platform
Call Center Integration:
Bringing together communications for seamless, omnichannel engagement
UI/UX Design:
Delivering rich user experience through Salesforce native patterns and best practices
Contact center analysis:
Instituting process improvements with KPls and metrics to meet service goals
Process Automation:
Extending and automating business processes and workflows to raise productivity
Implementation Review:
Health check to ensure alignment with business needs and new releases
Application and data integration for seamless transaction flow and a unified customer view
Full life cycle testing using our test automation framework to execute a proven test strategy
Org assessment:
Review of utilization, configuration, and code to unlock innovation in the platform
Ongoing system sustenance to raise user adoption and value realized from the investment

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